This is Stanley.

He does a lot of things on his computer...

Like making YouTube videos...

The Sheffield Brewery Company

A short film about beer

Woodcraft Folk

Danemead Camp 2021

Countertop Land

Countertop Land Trailer

The Backrooms

The Backrooms Recreation

Source Engine Liminal Spaces

Source Engine Liminal Spaces

Doorway OS 2.0

Doorway OS 2.0 Trailer

Producing music...


Stanley Likes Cyan

Spotify Deezer

And developing games!

We Haven't Met

We Haven't Met

Loud Games!

Loud Games!

About Me


Ever since I was born, I had always a fascination of film making and would create lots of short films around me talking about something random, or a skit that me and my friends would perform. As soon as I got my hands on a keyboard at the age of eight and learned the basics of how to play it, I soon began writing my own songs. It was only until late 2017 when I started my first YouTube channel, where I would upload the music I was working on as well as some of my short films.

During this time, I started experimenting with HTML, Ableton, Unity and all matter of crazy things. This led to the website you're seeing now, my Bandcamp and several small games I released.

In 2020, I released the short and primitive game developed in Unity, One Way Marble, where the aim of the game is to control a rolling ball through many different levels and get to the finish. The game was basic and rather buggy but it caused me to release a spinoff titled "Countertop Land" containing more levels as well as more puzzle mechanics, which came out May 31, 2020. All of these games you can find on the free online gaming site "Loud Games!".

As well as this, on May 5, 2020, I released my self-titled debut album on Spotify, Deezer, (currently not available) and Bandcamp where I start to delve into the ambient electronic genres I mainly focus on today.

In August 2020, I started to develop my most ambitious project yet: a Portal 2 mod I dreamt about. Titled "We Haven't Met", the game explores a test subject volunteering for a machine that simulates dreams. The mod finally released on September 2021 but there is hope of it turning into a full game.

In 2021, I released the single uniquely title "A Song for People Who Like Songs", which tries to cram in as many musical genres such as Jazz, Drum 'n' Bass, House, and even Trap, into an eleven-minute runtime. Following this single, I released my album "Yellow + Blue" a month later in August.