Loud Games! 2

Loud Games! 2 is out!!!

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That's right! A new revamped Loud Games! is out in the open. However, rather than me uploading my games, you get to upload your games.

This is Stanley.

He does a lot of things on his computer...

Like making YouTube videos...


How to Make Vaporwave


How to Make Synthwave


How to Make Lofi

Having Fun in...

Having Fun in...


How to Make Games


Minecraft Under Quarantine

Producing music...


Stanley Likes Cyan

Spotify Deezer

And developing games!

Loud Games!
One Way Marble

One Way Marble

Stanley's Mod

Stanley's Mod

About Me


My name is Stanley Piper, most commonly known as StanleyLikesCyan. You may have found this site because of my YouTube channel, or my music. Anyhow, you've come to the right place.

By around the age of 8, I began to have a fascination with film making and I'd always create these stupid little iMovies with me and my friends. It was only until late 2017 when I discovered the wonderful world of YouTube and started my very first YouTube channel which we now know today. It wasn't the most popular channel on YouTube back then (still isn't) however, I thoroughly enjoyed uploading crappy videos and was constantly checking if I received any comments.

During this time I started experimenting with HTML, Ableton, Unity, and all matter of crazy things. This led to the website you're seeing now, my SoundCloud and the gaming site I created, Loud Games!.

I then got better at video editing and started recording gaming commentaries that were mostly around Minecraft. After this I started my very first music tutorial: "How to Make Vaporwave" and soon that video would hit over 7000 views.

Nowadays, I record a series known as "Having Fun in..." where I "Have Fun" in many different games that I own.